The HAVOC-4TA was designed to be modular like a computer.

It can easily have any component upgraded or customized.

Once the warranty is up no need  to return to the OEM one can

swap out parts with off the shelf components or upgrade

it to the next level, even the power button can be customized.




The r e s i s t i v e load bank design of the HAVOC-4TA is based on components used on light rail systems and bullet trains as the brakes for the train! They can handle high temperatures and repeated use and should provide many years of service. The temperature of the load bank is continuously monitored by the on-board microcontroller. The microcontroller will employ the cooling fans if necessary and if for any reason the load bank overheats the computer will pause operation of the HAVOC-4TA until the load bank temperature is safe. DO NOT BLOCK THE VENTS, THE FANS, OR REMOVE THE FEET. This is imperative for the HAVOC-4TA to operate in a safe manner. customization is unlimited at a cost. from led strips to Bluetooth apps or more power capability.

*pictured is DC AUDIO version

*current custom build is 4-6 week lead time (basic 4 channel in stock)


Technical Data -8 ohm version-
Power Requirements: Supplied 12VDC, 10 A power supply
Maximum Power per Resistor:
5,000 watts (~35 ARMS MAX)
Power Handling in 4 Channel Mode *:
5,000 Watts X 4 into 8 ohms
10,000 Watts X 4 into 4 ohms
Power Handling in 2 Channel Mode *:
5,000 Watts X 2 into 8 ohms
10,000 Watts X 2 into 4 ohms
15,000 Watts X 2 into 2.7 ohms
20,000 Watts X 2 into 2 ohms
Power Handling in Mono Mode *:
5,000 Watts X 1 into 8 ohms
10,000 Watts X 1 into 4 ohms
15,000 Watts X 1 into 2.7 ohms
20,000 Watts X 1 into 2 ohms
30,000 Watts X 1 into 1.3 ohm
40,000 Watts X 1 into 1.0 ohms


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