The Following is a complete layout of the rules


1- The meter will be placed in the center of the passenger glass with ONLY drivers window down or driver door open. If door is open then all windows are up. You may choose to run either way, window down door closed or window up door open but not permitted to change during testing. Doing so may result in a disqualification. If the door is open you may however swing it out or in more to find that sweet spot.

2- You may sit in the vehicle, You may also select 1 Passenger per available seat. ALL occupants will have the choice to wear ear protection. hearing protection will be provided if you ask but not required.

3- The score will be determined by SPLLAB Next USB Meter equipment and placed by qualified person selected for the event. Everyone will have 2 runs at the meter.

4- In the event of a tie then a tie breaker will be held. Persons in the tie breaker round will have one chance to run for 1 Minute The Highest score will be the victor or the competitors can also play best out of 3 Paper, Rock, Scissors if they both choose to do so to decide the winner.

5- Classes will be based on the total metric cone area (see chart below) and sub woofer amplifier power.

6- All format’s have the same classification with the exception of port velocity.

7- The difference between a wall & no wall are currently up to the judges discretion

8- The sensor is not to be touch in during the measurement.

9- Classes 1-3 are intended for the best interest of OEM like interior.

10-  NO LATE ENTRY!! We will no longer allow late entry. This keeps the contest fair for all.


***Rules are subject to change as this is a work in progress . Visit the rankings page for current Demo Kings leaders and scores.***


Format’s & Classification



 You may play ANYTHING. The Highest MAX SPL will be recorded & limited to 30 seconds.

SPL 1-4 are the no wall classes SPL 5-8 will be the Wall classes.


SPL 1: 3,300 Aggregate

SPL 2: 6,500 Aggregate

SPL 3: 10,000 Aggregate

SPL 4: 10,001+ cm2

SPL 5: 3500 cm2

SPL 6: 7000 cm2

SPL 7: 7001 cm2

SPL 8:  UNLEASHED!!! True Ultimate class.




 You may play ONLY music. The Highest Average SPL will be recorded & limited to 30 seconds.

demo 1-4 are the no wall classes demo 5-8 will be the wall classes.


Demo 1: 3,300 Aggregate

Demo 2: 6,500 Aggregate

Demo 3: 10,000 Aggregate

Demo 4: 10,001+ cm2

Demo 5: 3500 cm2

Demo 6: 7000 cm2

Demo 7: 7001 cm2+

Demo 8:  UNLEASHED!!! True Ultimate class.






king of the winds

Dust Storm 1: 3,300 Aggregate

Sand Storm 2: 6,500 Aggregate

Thunder Storm 3: 10,000 Aggregate

Tropical Storm 4: 10,001+ cm2

Twister 5: 3500 cm2

Tsunamis 6: 7000 cm2

Typhoon 7: 7001 cm2+

Monsoon 8: UNLEASHED!!! True Ultimate class.



This format basically has 1 rule, GET FUCKING LOUD.

You will be handed the sensor from that point on you are responsible until given back to the judge, in the 30 seconds you’re goal is to reach the highest possible peak from your system without damaging the sensor.


PV 1: No wall

PV 2: Wall



Tornado, Demo & SPL 1-4 To find your classification, find your metric cone aera from the chart below, and decide what class you want to run and do not go over the limited aggregate amount. For example: If you are running 2 12s and want to be in Demo or SPL 2 you will have more power allowance than someone running 2 15s etc. The more cone area the less power you have to play. Chose your class wisely. No major modifications to the cabin of the vehicle.


Tornado, Demo & SPL 5-7 no major mods forward of B pillar, door panels may be modified below the window line in any way you want, roof and floor must have a fabric covering or polished painted fiberglass etc. Enclosure may pass up to 6 inches forward of the bpillar in some cases )


Tornado, Demo & SPL 8 Anything goes No limits


***NOTICE in TORNADO, DEMO & SPL 1-3 Power ratings will be based clamping the amplifier during the run. Each class will have a power limit left over from your metric cone area calculation. It will be different per application.


***portvelocity & tornado are ampdynos format’s***